Tuesday, October 19, 2021

This Sunday folks! The 15th Annual Secret Bike Show in Milford PA! We’ll be there as a vendor with some parts and some of @joepanhead1313 sculptures. Stop by say hi! About the Milford, PA Secret Bike Show... (taken from the Facebook page) The Secret Bike Show has been an annual event since 2006 founded by Golden Fish Art Gallery Proprietor Edwin Longendorfer in conjunction with Fisher Fabrications and Big "W" Mechanical. It grew out of a weekly event called "Fire In The Hole" where every Wednesday for 8 years a bunch of drunks would get together and swing wrenches, and get some bike, (or anything with a motor) that had been sitting for 20 years or so with a tree growing through the seat, to fire up and do a burnout within 30 to 45 minutes or less depending on how many carbs it had. The bike show was originally held in the super secret back yard of the Golden Fish Art Gallery each October, the show got its name due to the last minute planning of the initial show. Fliers were printed less than a week in advance, locals swore that no one would attend, and that the show might as well be a "secret". 15 years later, the Secret Bike Show still holds on to it's original name, though it has grown over the years in popularity and general awareness. The Secret Bike Show is geared toward home-builders who complete their own builds and kustom bikes. It features kustom bikes and choppers across many makes, models, and decades. As one of the last antique and kustom bike shows of the season in the North East, the Secret Bike Show is a very laid-back show with no cash prizes and no entry fee. With improvised and home-made trophies in categories such as: Best Antique, Best Chopper, Best Cafe Racer, Best Paint (AKA The Easter Egg Award ), the Secret Bike Show is a place for bike builder's and restorer's to admire each other's work, shoot the shit and get new ideas. Asking only for small donations to local charities. As with all gatherings of mechanically and artistically inclined people, donations of food, beer, booze, parts, scrap metal, musical talent and of course hairy hippie chicks with hula hoops, are always appreciated! More info call 570-296-0413

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Speechless. Elated. Exhausted. First three words that come to my mind after @cheapthrillsseaside After the show I had to take a few days to collect my thoughts and put this post together. It was one Hell of a weekend and one for the record books. To think I almost bailed too because of a situation that arose with the front wheel. (Those who know, you know.) Thinking back I realize how stupid bailing would have been. We've all been there especially when we're overtired, pushed to our limits and also perfectionists. I struggled with unveiling the bike if it wasn't 100% right. However, we pulled through and got the bike done. The response was absolutely overwhelming. It couldn't have debuted at a better show being a Jersey built bike. This bike has been stuck in my head since I was a kid looking at my dad's old photos. I started collecting parts about 12 years ago and took approximately 9 months to build. Watching my dad win Best in Show at the Sportsters at The Shore made all the hard work and mountains of stress worth it. I'm happy my dad took that credit because he was the one who built it the first time around. I did my best to replicate his ideas from 1972 and source the parts he had. To top it off the Hondaster also won "Weirdest" Sportster. These two bikes I believe really show what RetroFit is capable of. From the meticulously accurate to the unexpectedly fun. I have to thank Walter, Dusty and Truth for also winning the free weekend and putting on an amazing show. Huge thank you to Ed for replicating the paint job. I knew this was a tall order and you nailed it my friend. Thank you for the numerous sprayouts and patience with me haha. Ben for absolutely everything you did from lifting, lugging, wrenching, welding, polishing. I couldn't have made it without your help. Greg for fixing up the seat in record time. I also have to thank all these people below that helped with the build by sourcing/donating parts their time and just overall moral support. I can't list everything you all did but you know what you did to make this bike come together and I am forever grateful. Thank you! I'm now going to catch up on the last two months of sleep I lost...

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

@joepanhead Sportster Clone Update: Replicating motorcycles are a pain in the ass! That’s the update thanks for tuning in. Seriously though, we’re making headway. If you know me, you know how anal retentive I am and it’s affectionately known as “Calvinising”. (Thanks Ben...) I’ve been wracking my brains out the past week making these taillight brackets. Blowing up all the blurry pictures I can and studying them with a fine tooth comb and I’ve still overlooked some things. It’s almost caused me start over just like the struts... After finishing the brackets and looking at the old photos close up to verify what I have is right, it dawned on me I was using the wrong taillight, or was I?? (Yep, I lost sleep last night on that one.) Turns out both are actually right. I originally started with the larger light because it was easily identifiable in one of my dad’s photos. However, the version I’m going for is from the parking lot photos and what’s on the back of our shirts. After letting my brain settle it’s clear as day between photos the taillights are different. Fortunately I happen to have the correct smaller one on the shelf but now the holes are off! I was thinking great I have to make new brackets now, but a little squeeze of the hand on the bar the holes lineup and the light fits perfect. Thanks to @bengottheinsta59fl and Frank for press braking the brackets for me. Last item for the bar is inspect sticker plate. (The insanity continues with that story...) Stay tuned! #RetroFitCycleWorks #JoeSportsterClone #Calvinising #chopcult #69XLCH

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Hey gang! It has been quite some time since I have posted anything! Just been incredibly busy working nonstop and I’ve reached a point to make a post for the @joepanhead1313 Sportster clone! Well here it is! This bike has come a long way over the past few months and it couldn’t have happened without the help of some amazing generous people. It’s been an incredible challenge trying to locate the original odd ball parts my dad used back in 1972. The biggest needle in the hay stack was the spool hub he ran. That was generously donated from @jway_83 I cannot thank you enough for the hub man. I missed out on buying it. Long story short he ended up contacting me some weeks later and offered it up for the build. Jason I can’t thank you enough! It’s what this chopper community is all about! On the fabrication side my dad and I have been slaving away trying to reproduce his struts and sissybar he had. I actually made 2 sets of struts because the first pair I made were too short. So I made a new set at 12.5” and all of sudden everything fell into place. My dad also remade his original highway pegs. Last photo is of my dad’s grandfather, Karl, who originally co-signed for the bike in 1969 so my dad could get the bike in the first place. This photo is also what helped me confirm the seat that @marinosjunkpile had for sale and I knew it was the one. For the rest of the parts and help on the build I’ve gotta thank these characters: @24ouncepbr @magneto_sportster @jodyzero7 @cyclestopnj @hotdoggin @antisocial83 @marinosjunkpile @jway_83 @dnseats6779 @bengottheinsta59fl @chopcult We’re getting there and we’ll have the big reveal @cheapthrillsnj in the sportster show in Sept! Life long dream coming true building this with my dad. More updates to come!