Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sunday was something really special. I've been working with @deanchoochlandry this summer taking photos of my Dad's Sportster clone bike for something pretty big! We've shot at 2 locations that harken back to my Dad's history. One of them being at R.S. Phillips Steel in Sussex, NJ where my dad worked for over 20 years until his retirement in 2019. This steel yard was also my first full time job out of high school and where I met Ben. My old boss, and owner Scott Phillips, was more than accommodating to allow me to bring my dad's bike and shoot photos in his old shop. We were there starting at 7am and finished around noon. I haven't spent that much time at the steel yard in over 10 years. It was certainly bittersweet with a flood of memories and emotions. Many things have changed at this place and many things have stayed the same, and it strangely still feels like home to me. I learned a lot here working beside my dad and Ben. Many parts and sissybars were made at break time on the giant road plate table in the shop over the years. We even raked my sportster on that table. It only felt fitting to shoot the finished '69 clone bike on it. Never was a finished bike up there before, never had a reason to until now. It was a little nerve wracking hoisting it in the air to get on the table but it was definitely worth it. I had to hold back a few tears taking the whole scene in. Sunday was certainly one for the books. Not only were good times had with good friends, good photos taken, I felt like some closure happened as well. Big thank you to Dean and his daughter Dahlia for spending there Sunday morning taking photos and a big thank you to Scott Phillips for opening up the yard for us! Dad, I know you'd approve. I love ya and miss ya.