Saturday, January 8, 2022

New Year, new side project at home! This bike has been sitting in our living room for the past 3 years (used as our Christmas tree.) After getting a real tree this year I decided to put this bike in the basement to change things and freshen it up for the spring. It needs a serious clean up. The exhaust pipes need new tips. I want to do a PMA and capacitor. Over the summer the carb’s got swapped from BS34s to 38s. I kinda wanted to head back in the direction of what the bike was originally like before being built for Strange Days 2013. 8” over Sportster tubes in Yamaha trees. This time I want to make a set of Harley trees work with a longer stem and Timken bearing conversion. The lowers I got from @antisocial83, welded up some gashes, shaved ‘em down and polished. The springer is cool but I never liked how low the bike sat. Looking forward to rippin on this thing again! BTW I’m on the hunt for a 21” spool wheel. DM me if you got anything.

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