Friday, April 14, 2023

4.14.23 Just a little Friday PSA: RetroFit's books are currently closed until further notice. It's been an amazing time building motorcycles and hosting parties out of my Dad's place for the past 19 years. Since my Dad's passing last May I've kept the shop operating as long as I could. However, the time has arrived where I must prepare to close down and move shop. I've weighed many options over the past few months to be able to stay in the same location however, in the end it's best to move and bring the shop home. It's been a hell of chapter at my Dad's place and incredibly bittersweet to leave behind. So many bikes, so many stories. I know my Dad enjoyed having the shop at his place but I also know he'd approve of the awesome plans I have in store for the new one. It will be some time before the new shop is built out and running. I appreciate your patience and loyalty to RetroFit over the years. Life sometimes needs a hard reset and I'm looking forward to building out a more productive work space, creating better turn around times and even higher quality work. (I'm also looking forward to taking a break and getting my own seat time in and putting down some miles, it's needed.) Any questions feel free to DM me. All current outstanding jobs will be completed before the move. -Cal

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