Thursday, April 2, 2009

Them Changes: "The Voodoo Child"

I purchased this bike in '06. 1972 xs650. A lot of work went into this bike back in the day. Someone put a lot of time into it. Lots of molding through out, the swing arm looks like it was extended 2 inches. The rear rim is a rare after market 36 spoke "Harley-look-a-like" rim. Not a 40 spoke. And this was before the xs650 special IIs where they came with a 16" stepped rim. The springer is a square tube, square spring, S.I.E springer. The motor supposedly has a cam in it. It sounds like no xs650 I've ever heard. The tank is aftermarket, not an actual sportster. And last but not least the paint, for as simple as it is, its just wild. Certain times it looks dark red, other times it looks like a peachy orange.

First thing to go was the shocks and halfassed spring loaded sissybar. New struts and flat bar sissybar from the stash fixed that right quick.

Summer 2007 zbars and 21" wheel made this thing handle alot better. Also got dump pipes and mounted a set of old glass bullet lights on the rear.

Summer 2008, almost a year later the springer cracked on me and I had to make a quick front end swap. Extra yamaha trees, sportster 6" over fork tubes with the same spool wheel sporting a yamaha axle. Put the original pull backs on and a round 6" light and I was on the road again. Personally, I like this version best.

Here I am today, Spring 2009 (the bars prolly wont stay, I tried em out just for somthin different.)
The Voodoo Child is going to need a restoration at some point but I just don't have the heart to tare its original 70s glory down. I also don't feel like getting into the bondo on that neck! But its going to have to be done at some point because the back of the gas tank is starting to crack (shitty 70s aftermarket) and I'm slowly loosin fuel and its chewin up the bondo. I found a great replacement tank that very closely matches the frame, but I doubt I can cut the tank out without wrecking the molding. We'll see what changes this summer brings.

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