Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Do You Do With Two Broken Motorcycles??

What do you do when one bike has a bad motor, and the other has a bad frame. Swap 'em out! Ben wanted to do this engine swap in the future anyway, but there's no time like the present!

The bottom end took a dump on the pan.

The frame on the shovel developed a serious crack in the neck gussets ... on both sides.

 Out goes the pan.

In goes the shovel.

 Made up a new front head pipe to wrap around the floor board.

In goes the clutch.

On the road again! 6 hours total for this swap. 

Show Stoppers and Road Choppers.... AND Cafes....

In between the madness of Strange Days there have been some other stuff we've been working on! This is Samantha's 360 Honda "Milly". She did most of the work herself but needed some fab work and some tuning to get her bike back on the road.

After I got the bike tuned up I re-worked the tail section. I cut the loop section out, slugged the ends, and re-mounted the fender.


 It sounds nuts, but to get the fender to mount better under the seat, I had to cut off the original mount, flip it around, move it forward, and weld it back on.

 All tucked up nice inside the seat!

Ben made up a new battery box that is hidden down inside the frame.

I also made a new license plate and taillight mount.

And we're cruising! A few more kinks to work out but this bike rips! I really regret getting rid of the 360 I had... Thanks for letting me work on this for you Samantha!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strange Days 4 Pics!

Wow! Strange Days 4! For me it felt like all this preparation and it was over in a blink of an eye. I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to throw on an event like this with Ken, Chris, Ben and my Ol'man. All I kept hearing all weekend this was "The best one yet!" and "There is nothing like this happening on the east coast"

I was only able to snag some pics late in the afternoon, but here is the first round! If you are looking for more great photos check out Jeff's blog: Part 1 and Part 2

If some of you aren't hip to the Instagram photos or don't have a smarty phone you can check out all the #strangedays4 pics here and my Instagram photos can be found here

Seriously, thanks to everyone came out. It was the largest attendance yet! Hope you all had a good time. It's only been a few days but things are already in the works for next year...

These first couple I stole from Jeff's blog because I didn't snag any of The Tingler in Ben's El Camino... Snazzy!

 Pre Party Time!
 Holy shit! The Ol'man is smiling for once!

 So thrilled this guy has been coming out every year. Thanks Austin!

 Sorry, had to sneak mine into the mix!

 Sunday morning, it looked like a war zone but our flag was still there!

Stay tuned for more photos!