Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Strange Days: Part 1

What a trip! I can't believe its over. After months of planning with Ken and Chris it came and went but I'll never forget it. I remember Ken telling me one night that he wanted to have a grassroots bike event here in northern NJ. Like the old days. Ride in, thrown your tent down and party on. Now, I can't speak for the old days because I was never there, but my ol'man was there to verify that we were pretty damn close. He said its been well over 30 years that he has been to something like this.

Just the right amount of the right people were there. There was no "hey-look-at-me-contest." Everyone that showed was chill and had a mutual respect for each other and their bikes. We talked about having an actual bike show but there really was no need! There were bikes all around in the field. It wasn't a select crowd of "the cool kids" and just everyone else was a spectator. Every single person that came made this event.

The money at the gate wasn't for our pockets. It was to pay the bills we had so you guys could have a good time. So thanks to all that came out and supported us. We will definitely be doing it again next year.

My ol'man is doing his own write up about the ol'days and Strange Days. I will be posting that soon. So enjoy Part 1 of the photos.

Friday evening setting up. Wes' bus was probably the coolest thing I saw rolling up the road, blaring the horn, letting everyone know of his arrival.

Setting up the stage. Couldn't ask for a better backdrop!

Sun went down, time to get some grub at the Vernon Inn.

Ed lost his fender and sissybar late Friday night between the Strange Days grounds and Ken's place. The Indian Larry goodies he brought up from Brooklyn for Aidan's benefit caused a lot of stress to his fender. The spotlight on my ol' cop car came into use in searching for the missing fender and sissybar. We found it but the sissybar was destroyed. Some quick bends in some threaded rod and a 110 mig welder got Ed back on two wheels to get him back home on Sunday.

Mean while Ken was trying to get his moon machine back on the road too.

Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Organizing Photos

Stay tuned...


I told ya history can repeat itself!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Just wanna give out a huge thanks to everyone who came out to Strange Days. The heat certainly didn't keep people away from having a good time! We believe we had over 250 people attend. The bands were great, the food was exceptional and the people were one of a kind. I took close to 300 photos so keep an eye out for more here and at the Strange Days blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its gonna be a scorchin good time!

Its gonna be a hot one folks! We will do our best with bottled water but it would also be wise to be prepared yourself. We don't know how long our supply will last.

But either way, just as a reminder there is an A&P food store just 2 miles down the road. Ice to fill coolers, water, gatorade etc.

View Strange Days Places of Interest in a larger map

We also have a few tents up for shade and we also have the tree line along the back to escape from the sun too. So plain and simple be smart about the heat. I feel silly having to type this but last thing we want to do is call in for heat stroke or somethin. We'd like to not have the authorities up there for any reason. Stay cool my friends!

Monday, July 18, 2011

NY State

Awesome weekend for riding. Clear sailing and perfect weather Saturday and Sunday. I had a wedding to attend so to take advantage of the awesome views and roads, I packed up the bagger and took off Saturday morning.

All dressed up for the wedding with the dresser!

Sunday morning I headed to my cousin's place.

We ended up pulling over into this abandoned farm for some cool photos

Monday morning was an entirely different story. I left my cousins house and got caught in one of the worst storms I've ever ridden through. I was heading south east and so was the storm and I pushed hard to get ahead of it. But each gas stop it caught right back up to me. Basically 150 miles of constant heavy thunderstorms. Last 30 miles home however, it was clear weather again.

Overall it was a great weekend, got to see what this ol bagger was capable of. This was it's first big road trip since who knows how long. It ran fine in the rain and no problems with the electrical job I did. Now its time to get ready for Strange Days!