Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catchin up on things

Real busy this past turkey weekend. Finished up the board tracker for the most part.
Engine detail work:
Sandblasted the 11 ga engine cut out that was cut by hand with the plasma. The fins are some alien grating I never seen before. There are no welds, just notched pieces of 1" flat bar stuck together. Cut them into 4, 4" x 5" pieces then used a giant disk sander to shave down and round off the corners so they looked more like cylinder fins.

Made a small carb from some pipe, giant washer, and a cap for fence post as the float bowl. Added a cam cover made from 6" pipe, capped off with a piece of sheet metal with nuts tacked to the inside for bolts to screw into for show. Then added pushrods from the left over 3/8 round bar from the fork braces.

Primary side

Hub sprocket from another rear wheel. Also made from left over pipe from the gas tank.

Double crank sprocket installed.


Now some paint.

Sneak Peek. Almost done, just have to letter the tank.

If he gets any closer I'm gonna lunch em!

Of course Clint's attire below immediately made me think of this movie one of the best chases in my book


I never heard of this magazine before, probably dont care for it either, but this is one of the coolest pictures I've ever seen of Clint Eastwood.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

fabs done, time for paint.

hard to see but i finished up the engine detail, added carb, cylinder fins (made out of some alien grating ive never seen before) cam cover with pushrods. The other side has a primary gear with chain to the center crank. will post pics soon of the finished project.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Anyone have this mag? Is it possible for anyone to send me some scans?

Friday, November 20, 2009

This made my day!

Board Track Racer

Finished up the gas tank tabs, engine mounts welded to the frame, and exhaust pipes cut and fitted to the engine cut out. This thing is starting to shape up more and more.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


quick update

Quick crappy cell phone pics for a quick crappy update. Gas tank is mounted along with the engine mounts made. Will post better pics tomorrow when I bring my camera along with me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

stoopid internetz

For those of you with google reader ignore the double post, just read the one right below this one. I screwed it up and had to edit something, deleted the old one, but google reader still hangs on to the old post. we now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Same can be said for bikes

I may not be a big contributing member on the HAMB but I check it from time to time because of Ryan's posts. The dude gets it. I feel what he says can be said for bikes as well. People that can hold restraint in their build and let the bike be what it is, to let it breath; to me is much more pleasing to the eye. Don't smother it with your ego...

I think I'll run with this idea for the next week or so posting examples of what Ryan is talking about, but in two wheeled form. This exact premise has been rolling around in my head for a while now. What makes some things look so damn good, or classy, or just plain right?

Whats interesting is, this is the same practice I followed with building my Sportster (rather subconsciously). Not tooting my own horn about my bike, but I feel it fits the bill. So I'll start with it and continue on about other bikes I find. So without further-a-do...

Check out Ryan's post
"The Egoless Car"

Michigan Pan -more from the old albums

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Someone needs to buy this!

INSTANT Jeepers Creepers truck!! Just add obnoxious horn and enjoy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter is coming....

Passenger compartment even has heat!

Hunter S. Thompson would be proud

Les Claypool:
That song is about a trip that I took to Los Angeles with Adam Gates who actually is the artist who did the picture that we're going to use for the record. He's just an old friend of mine and he had a band called Monkey Rhythm a while ago and they were going to shoot this video down in L.A. Some college students that they knew were going to do it as a project so he and I drove down to Los Angeles one night in his Datsun and we were fried on acid. So there were many very interesting things that happened to us on the way down. It was a full on Hunter S. Thompson experience. So I couldn't really tell the whole story in the song because there was just so much shit that went on but there's little references to different things. But I remember, we're driving along and it would be completely dark and every now and then I would lean up and grab the little map light thing that folds out and aim it at my face and click it on and go--like some crazy face and he'd start freaking out because it was the most hilarious thing in the world to us.
And we pulled into some truck stop to get gas and I bought a pack of cigarettes. I hadn't smoked in years. I bought some cigarettes and I stole a lighter and we bought a bunch of candy and, being idiots, bought a bunch of stuff, got back in the car and I started smoking all these cigarettes just to be a bastard filling the car with smoke. We were just fucking with each other the whole way down. I had this gum that when you bite it, the stuff squirts in your mouth, you know? And I didn't realize it was that kind of gum 'cause I hate that stuff. So I had this gum and I took it and I was squeezing out the juice and I was sitting there just squeezing it onto his shoulder while he was driving, the juice from this gum and I ate it. And he's like, what are you doing? And somehow the whole car seemed like it was full of this sticky stuff. It was everywhere. It was like the most horrible feeling.
So we ended up in L.A. and there's references to us flying over the grapevine through the fog and hearing--Faith No More's new song had just come on the radio, from the Introduce Yourself record, which was my favorite Faith No More record. It came on the radio and it was the total perk me up and we go flying over the grapevine. And we get to L.A. and we had been listening to this radio station, I guess Deep Purple was coming to town or something so that whatever heavy metal station down there was playing Deep Purple all the time. And we were going back and forth from that station and this college station where these people were talking on the radio. It was like Howard Stern type stuff. They were bullshitting.
So we're driving along and it was too early for us to show up at this video shoot, but it was late and we were tired and we didn't have a hotel or nothing, we didn't have any money. So Adam goes, "Well, we played the Roxie before." 'Cause I didn't know L.A. at all. He says, "Well, we played the Roxie before. Let's pull in behind the Roxie." So we pull into the parking lot behind the Roxie and we park and I'm lying there and he takes off. And I'm flipping through the channels and some Deep Purple song comes on so I'm listening to it on that station. I'm just lying there kind of half asleep kind of still frying and
the song ends and I flip the radio back to the college station and I hear Adam's voice on the radio and he's all, "Yeah, when you think of acid, think of Monkey Rhythm." Click. "That was Adam calling from a phone booth. His friend is asleep in the car right now behind the Roxie. And they've driven down here..." and I was like whoa. It was like total mindbender, you know. Pretty soon Adam comes walking back around the corner. I told him, I just heard you on the radio. He goes, "No way, they played that over the air? " So that's what that song is about. It was just one of those crazy weekends. Hunter S. Thompson would be proud, I think, of that weekend.

Friday, November 13, 2009

board track engine cut out

Spent much of the day in the shop cutting out the facade of the engine that will be sitting in the frame. Some things will be added to this cut out to make it more 3d -carb, fins, cam cover, engine sprocket, exhaust pipes etc. Also made the engine mounts but screwed up the bottom one. I'll make a new one of the weekend.