Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catchin up on things

Real busy this past turkey weekend. Finished up the board tracker for the most part.
Engine detail work:
Sandblasted the 11 ga engine cut out that was cut by hand with the plasma. The fins are some alien grating I never seen before. There are no welds, just notched pieces of 1" flat bar stuck together. Cut them into 4, 4" x 5" pieces then used a giant disk sander to shave down and round off the corners so they looked more like cylinder fins.

Made a small carb from some pipe, giant washer, and a cap for fence post as the float bowl. Added a cam cover made from 6" pipe, capped off with a piece of sheet metal with nuts tacked to the inside for bolts to screw into for show. Then added pushrods from the left over 3/8 round bar from the fork braces.

Primary side

Hub sprocket from another rear wheel. Also made from left over pipe from the gas tank.

Double crank sprocket installed.


Now some paint.

Sneak Peek. Almost done, just have to letter the tank.

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