Sunday, November 3, 2019


Well, another piece of the puzzle has arrived! I located an original set of 14x7 vectors for my "One Day Season 2 General Lee". These aren't easy to come by and I got them at a great price. Big thanks to @corndog05 for schooling me on these wheels on the @kibbeandfriends show. The day after he answered my question on the show I stumbled upon the exact set I needed! I got my @warren_customs_llc season 2 push bar, horn I've had for years, and a cb radio that'll work for now. Now if someone can just lend me $20k for 69 charger I'd be set... And yes, I did measure the correct wheelbase just for the photo... And thanks to my ever understanding @miss_mundy for humoring me and taking the photo. #oneday #generallee #dukesofhazzard #vectorwheels #yeehaavia Instagram