Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cool Pan

I need that tin cover for the triple trees....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip pics!

Finally! Its been hectic in my neck of the woods and now Ive got a small chance to post some pics. I'm really behind on updates and even some new projects.

The Route about 500 miles total, like I said, this wasnt a huge trip, but it was just enough on 2 bikes we had no clue what they would don on such a long ride.

First gas stop in PA

Arrived in Syracuse and stopped at my old college apartment. Many a party was thrown from that balcony, many a beer bottles were thrown too...

2nd important stop in Syracuse!!! I would eat here all the time when I lived in Syracuse.

Ben (left) Me (right)

We then left Syracuse after a damn good meal and headed east to Utica and crashed at my cousins place for the night.

Next morning we packed the bikes back up and headed to Oxford to my uncle's farm.

There was a good car show and swap meet near my uncles place and heres two good items I scored. Brooks leather bicycle seat and a Revell slabside cop bike model.

My Uncle's place

Ben made a new friend.

The dog seemed to like my bike.


Best porch on earth

My Uncle got a new toy so I had to try it out.

Next morning we packed up and headed back to NJ

The road leavin the farm

Last gas stop before Port Jervis NY


Overall it was a great trip, both bikes held up great, I have some leaks to take care of but there will be many more in this sportster's future.