Sunday, May 11, 2014

Milwaukee Monday #2

"Product Photography - The Days Before Photoshop"

Busy Busy Busy!

There has been lots of stuff happening at the RetroFit Headquarters lately its been hard to keep up with posting. Two xs650s and the Mary Jane were revived from the dead. The shop has been slowly but surely growing and progress is being made on the Strange Days give away ironhead. Check out the videos below.
 New storage.

Rachael's XS rebuild.

Special Delivery!

Matty of Rush Cycle got Mary up on her two wheels again.

Gave the Yamahopper a long over due tune up.

More riding less blogging....

The XS650 for Rachael being fired up for the first time. My ol'man made the handy engine mount. Just a side of caution when starting something that is mounted to the main column of the building you are in...
The upstairs....

XS650 #2, the ol' yamahopper is running again after a major tune-up.

Stay tuned! More Strange Days progress on its way!