Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bending Up an Oval Sissybar

Ben's bending up a new stainless bar. This time for himself for his pan project! What's unique with this bar is it's actually oval. Oval solid stainless was difficult, if not impossible to find. So Ben took it upon himself to shape a piece of square stock. First milling the corners off a few feet at a time, then shaping the rest by hand. More photos to come later... @bengottheinsta59fl 📷 cred @nick_fortuna #stainlesssteel #sissybars #retrofitcycleworksvia Instagram

For Sale: Polished Stainless Sissybars

We have a short run of stainless swingarm sissybars for sale!

Left and middle are '93-04 Evo Sporty, 24" tall, 1/2" round bar **SOLD**
Right is '65-84 FLH 31" tall, 9/16 round bar - $230
Unfinished DIY bar, 31" tall, 9/16 round bar, your choice of Evo Sporty or FLH mounts - **SOLD**

Prices include shipping in the US. Paypal to captcal@gmail.com

We can also make other custom sissybars, rigid or swingarm, upon your request.  Go to www.retrofitcycleworks.com or email me at captcal@gmail.com

93-04 Evo Sporty

93-04 Evo Sporty

'65-84 FLH