Tuesday, March 6, 2018

For Sale: Polished Stainless Sissybars

We have a short run of stainless swingarm sissybars for sale!

Left and middle are '93-04 Evo Sporty, 24" tall, 1/2" round bar **SOLD**
Right is '65-84 FLH 31" tall, 9/16 round bar - $230
Unfinished DIY bar, 31" tall, 9/16 round bar, your choice of Evo Sporty or FLH mounts - **SOLD**

Prices include shipping in the US. Paypal to captcal@gmail.com

We can also make other custom sissybars, rigid or swingarm, upon your request.  Go to www.retrofitcycleworks.com or email me at captcal@gmail.com

93-04 Evo Sporty

93-04 Evo Sporty

'65-84 FLH

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