Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sidecar Sunday

I haven't done a Sidecar Sunday in a while so here's two. I'm guessing these two photos are from the same trip. 

This was taken at an old hotel/bar in Columbia, NJ along RT 94.
I'm pretty sure its now a Veterinary Hospital. Check out this Google Maps street view. The parking lot in the very front is gone but the porch remains the same. Casey Maas is sitting on the front porch. He rode in the hack that day.

C'mon Inn in Haledon, NJ. 
This was considered "home base" for most of the guys my dad rode with. Most of their adventures and road trips started here.

Unfortunately the C'mon Inn hasn't fared so well. You can't even recognize the place. "Haledon Pizza" next door still has the same brick facade it had almost 40 years ago. But in the photo above check out the two brandy new Sporsters parked out front!