Friday, January 28, 2011

Some site updates

I just added links to the photos on the right hand side of the RetroFit page. Check out the Old Foto Archives, or check out a bike you like in particular.

Got some lovin' today

Thanks Jeremiah!

Old Foto Friday!

Lets go to Poland! My ol'man with the honda sidecar somewhere in NY state.

Another sidecar, my ol'man's shovel in one of its many versions.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Ebay Now...

If I remember correctly this car went for big bucks at auction a few years ago and now its up again.
Find it here

Shotgun mount and reading lamp!

This thing is primo!
I'd be lucky if I get $1K for my diplomat!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Foto Friday

Friday again!

Heres my ol'man's 1974 Econoline. Brand spakin new. Still has the temporary inspection tag in the window. The van didnt stay stock like this for long! Parked next to it is his Shovelhead.

Another shot of the Shovel. The epitome of a 70s chop!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Few more old photos

North Haledon NJ 1980s

The sidecar hasnt changed much. Thats my ol'man's shovel off to the right, and the gray bike in the center is also his VL. There are two bikes in the garage yet, they might be my uncle's.

Joe, Neil, and John. Two Harleys with an Indian in the middle. These were the days of the AMC and everybody was into restoring bikes at the time.

More Brooklyn Invitational

Yeah this was 5 months ago already but the experience is something that will stay with me for a lifetime. Ive been to a number of places on my bikes, but NYC was the last place I'd ever expect to ride to. And riding with a side car no less! Never thought the experience of bombing the streets of NYC with sidecar hanging off of you would be such a blast. And then hearing the wrapping of pipes of an ol pan and a shovel following suit, setting off car alarms as we pass by through Jewish neighborhoods.

Hears a little somethin I put together to try and beat the winter blues. Enjoy.

Cleaned up an old Bates headlight

This light came off a superglide front end I picked up over the summer. I was staring at it in the corner of the garage and thought, "lets see if I can clean this thing up." The light was pitted and grimy and I wasn't entirely sure how well the finish would come back. So I tore it all apart washed it then polished it.

Much to my surprise under the grime on the bracket it was stamped "Bates"

After an initial washing in the kitchen sink with warm water and then three rounds of rigorous polishing using Never Dull, the finish came back!

Very happy with the results.

I didn't think it would clean up this nice. Then again, theres nothin like old chrome. It always comes back!
(This is probably gonna go on the Sportster this year.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is cool!

Watch some old jalopies get crushed like soda cans!

If nascar was still like this every weekend, I'd probably watch it more.

Friday the 14th!

Big birthday bash at the Wonder Horse for Ken and his buddy Jay.

Jammin by the light of a PBR sign.

Kenny B you're so hot on your motorcycle!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sportster Rebuild

No it didnt fall over, it was the only way I could get the motor out by myself. Hope this is the only time I see my bike in this position.

Its out, and now I'm permanently fixed in a squatting position. Would use my skateboard to cart this motor around but my suzuki motor is currently using it.

Forks are off to be rebuilt and next up is to fix the swing arm and then get the frame painted.

Forsale: Mustang Tank

Mustang Tank 4.2 gallon. Decent shape, perfect for your TRIUMPH! Askin $100 or B/O or a maybe a trade for a decent peanut tank. Both caps included, I would include the petcock as pictured but its shot, not worth using. I Bought this tank for a project and decided not to use it. Just trying to recoup what I paid so I can get what I really need.

Price + Shipping
Paypal Only
send an email to

Monday, January 10, 2011

Man its a stinker...

...that I have to tare down the Slum Goddess, but it's a necessary evil. And that evil would be a loose swingarm. Somethins loosened up in the swing arm axle and I cant tighten it anymore. Only way I can truly fix it is to take the motor out to get at the funky nut that holds the axle and bearings in place. Also need to replace the rocker box gaskets. They've been leaking since last summer and they're like a sieve now. (hey at least i know the top end is gettin oil!)

I'm going to get my forks rebuilt as well. So the bike is pretty much coming entirely apart so I might as well keep going and actually get the frame and fenders painted to make this all worth while. Not that I have the money for all this, but I'll see what I can do! Thats why I'm sellin stuff!! see below!!!! and yeah, thats a floating paper mache skunk...

Need a new speedo (ladies you can help me out with that one) my ratio is off. Also found my clutch lever was busted, cant say I ever knew it, just discovered it pulling stuff apart. Going to install an oil cooler to keep the 1000ccs under me somewhat cooler. Lastly I want to get this chrome caliper rebuilt and swapped out with the one I currently have. I can feel it in my bones this summer is going to involve a lot of traveling on the goddess and I need to get a jump on things now. I head back to Brooklyn this weekend so I need to do as much as I can. Once in Brooklyn my focus will be on pre-production for my senior animation and the suzuki. Ive got a lot to do... what the hell am I doing on the computer?!?

Parts For Sale! Cheap!

Prices + Shipping
Paypal Only

Sportster rear drum brake arm $5

Coil cover $25

12" shocks $25

Headlights, $20 each 7". They're both in the same condition, just one has a hole for a highbeam jewel. Came off a hot rod but they could work on anything. Dirty and scuzzy but they will clean up decent.

Start of a stainless steel sissybar $25. Just smooth out the welds and sand the whole thing down and polish it, it will look nice. This will fit the fender struts of a Sportster.