Monday, January 10, 2011

Man its a stinker...

...that I have to tare down the Slum Goddess, but it's a necessary evil. And that evil would be a loose swingarm. Somethins loosened up in the swing arm axle and I cant tighten it anymore. Only way I can truly fix it is to take the motor out to get at the funky nut that holds the axle and bearings in place. Also need to replace the rocker box gaskets. They've been leaking since last summer and they're like a sieve now. (hey at least i know the top end is gettin oil!)

I'm going to get my forks rebuilt as well. So the bike is pretty much coming entirely apart so I might as well keep going and actually get the frame and fenders painted to make this all worth while. Not that I have the money for all this, but I'll see what I can do! Thats why I'm sellin stuff!! see below!!!! and yeah, thats a floating paper mache skunk...

Need a new speedo (ladies you can help me out with that one) my ratio is off. Also found my clutch lever was busted, cant say I ever knew it, just discovered it pulling stuff apart. Going to install an oil cooler to keep the 1000ccs under me somewhat cooler. Lastly I want to get this chrome caliper rebuilt and swapped out with the one I currently have. I can feel it in my bones this summer is going to involve a lot of traveling on the goddess and I need to get a jump on things now. I head back to Brooklyn this weekend so I need to do as much as I can. Once in Brooklyn my focus will be on pre-production for my senior animation and the suzuki. Ive got a lot to do... what the hell am I doing on the computer?!?

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