Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cleaned up an old Bates headlight

This light came off a superglide front end I picked up over the summer. I was staring at it in the corner of the garage and thought, "lets see if I can clean this thing up." The light was pitted and grimy and I wasn't entirely sure how well the finish would come back. So I tore it all apart washed it then polished it.

Much to my surprise under the grime on the bracket it was stamped "Bates"

After an initial washing in the kitchen sink with warm water and then three rounds of rigorous polishing using Never Dull, the finish came back!

Very happy with the results.

I didn't think it would clean up this nice. Then again, theres nothin like old chrome. It always comes back!
(This is probably gonna go on the Sportster this year.)

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