Monday, September 15, 2014

Rachael's '76 XS650

Back in May we finished reassembling Rachael's XS650 engine. (Some fun videos found here) She brought us back the whole bike to finish some fabrication work and wiring. We promised to have it done by Gypsy Run and we delivered!

This bike originally came with a drum brakes so we had to fab up new mounts for the rear master cylinder, reservoir, and brake switch. 

We made up a new battery box to hide the ballistics 4 cell battery and all the wiring. The bottom triangle is removable to get access to the rectifier/regulator.
 Rachael all ready had the battery box made and we just added some tabs for mounting. The solenoid and E-Advancer are also mounted behind the cover.

New battery box cover.

The frame received a new coat of gray paint. 

It's starting to look like a motorcycle again!

Lots of wiring!

Lights work and fires right up!

We ended up doing a last minute tank swap and did a 60 mile shake down run in the dark.


Friday of the Gypsy Run Rachael came by to pick up her new wheels.

The Fire Chickens approve!

This bike is ready to bomb the streets of Brooklyn! This was in the works for quite some time and I'm glad we were able to lend a hand in getting it finished! Enjoy Rachael!
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