Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shovel Lovin

Strange Days 3 Voodoo Child Update!

It may not look like much but more progress has been made. Our good buddy Carl is re-upholstering the seat to its former glory (photos to post when we get them!). Hours upon hours of sanding and so much bondo dust has been inhaled the past few weeks by Ben and I. We are not nearly putting on as much as what was originally on the bike but just enough to smooth things out. Can't wait to see what Bob at Toontown Paint has in store!

Just some final fitment checks....
A mock up engine was placed in the frame so Ben could make one last set of mounting brackets for the right side cover to house the switches. You can also see how we shaved the rear strut mounts compared to how they use to just "dead end" 

More to come!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Made the Church of Choppers blog again!

If you look reaaaaaal close haha. Ben is right behind me, you can see his dual discs. Too bad Jeff Wright is blocking the view of my Sportster! Just kidding Jeff...

The photo above taken by Jeff had to be a split second before or after this one below. The dude with the fro must have be staring at something really neat on the ground....

Old Foto Friday

Here's another for ya Jody! Go get that Flatty and Chief ready for Strange Days!!
 My Uncle Neil on his Chief 
My dad and his VL 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Got Some New Wheels!

It happened so fast. One day my old Sportster is getting towed away, a few days later I come home with this. A 1973 FL, mostly stock, runs great, very low miles and has some upgraded goodies. Big thanks to Norm for hooking me up with this bike.

I know the bike I want to build out of it, but for now, for this season, its most likely going to stay the way it is. It runs and rides wayyy to good to start messing with it. It also has some cool local history and I'll post more on that later.

Its funny how things work out with stuff like this. If I were to sell my Sportster, this is the bike I would have wanted to find, and it found me instead....

I couldn't leave it alone though, I had to take the windshield off because I sit too low with the frame seat and the bags came off for a good cleaning. I see pogo seat with the old style fender mounted bags in it's future...

Hey, it matches my lunchbox nicely!
I may start calling this bike the "Solo Cup"

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thanks A Million Jody!

It means a lot man, thanks so much. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nick's New Narrowed Fork Tins

Over the winter Benny was working on a set of triple tree tins and extended cowbells for Nick and his narrowed 41mm trees. Nick wanted the old style tins but narrowed. The length for the cowbells are not available from any catalog so they too had to be custom made. Benny really did a bang up job and we cant wait to see Nick's bike finally done. Keep wrenching Nick!!! We want to see it at Ride To Skate coming up!!!

 The cowbell mounts were extracted from a stock set and were later welded back into the new extended set.
Benny setting up the drill press to drill and tap the side mounts he added.

 After a fair amount of welding and lots of polishing it looks awesome.
 The cowbells were slip rolled from a sheet of stainless and welded up. And yes the ARE tapered!

 Ben also had to make a top tree cover. Also from a flat sheet of stainless carefully cut out by hand, welded, and smoothed over.

 Nick and Brady came up from PA to pick up his new tins. Also Gregg's slab side got a face lift over the winter.
Nick is so happy and couldn't hold still for a picture.
RetroFit seal of approval!
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