Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Same can be said for bikes

I may not be a big contributing member on the HAMB but I check it from time to time because of Ryan's posts. The dude gets it. I feel what he says can be said for bikes as well. People that can hold restraint in their build and let the bike be what it is, to let it breath; to me is much more pleasing to the eye. Don't smother it with your ego...

I think I'll run with this idea for the next week or so posting examples of what Ryan is talking about, but in two wheeled form. This exact premise has been rolling around in my head for a while now. What makes some things look so damn good, or classy, or just plain right?

Whats interesting is, this is the same practice I followed with building my Sportster (rather subconsciously). Not tooting my own horn about my bike, but I feel it fits the bill. So I'll start with it and continue on about other bikes I find. So without further-a-do...

Check out Ryan's post
"The Egoless Car"

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