Monday, July 18, 2011

NY State

Awesome weekend for riding. Clear sailing and perfect weather Saturday and Sunday. I had a wedding to attend so to take advantage of the awesome views and roads, I packed up the bagger and took off Saturday morning.

All dressed up for the wedding with the dresser!

Sunday morning I headed to my cousin's place.

We ended up pulling over into this abandoned farm for some cool photos

Monday morning was an entirely different story. I left my cousins house and got caught in one of the worst storms I've ever ridden through. I was heading south east and so was the storm and I pushed hard to get ahead of it. But each gas stop it caught right back up to me. Basically 150 miles of constant heavy thunderstorms. Last 30 miles home however, it was clear weather again.

Overall it was a great weekend, got to see what this ol bagger was capable of. This was it's first big road trip since who knows how long. It ran fine in the rain and no problems with the electrical job I did. Now its time to get ready for Strange Days!

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