Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakin The Wall Down!

The time finally came to take the wall down for more shop space. Both of those walls house smaller rooms. The room with the door was already holding 3 motorcycles so there was really no point in having the wall! The wall wasn't load bearing so it was snap to get rid of.

What a huge difference! We moved the bench and toolbox over to make a better work corner.

Even threw a little bit of paint on the walls.

We'll continue to fix the sheetrock finish off the walls and hang a few more lights. With the studs taken out of the wall I'm going to build a decent bike stand. All about recycling what you have!

I'd like to even move the air compressor into the old closet.

We just found out through a neighbor who has been living in the neighborhood since the mid 60s that the house really use to be a barn. At the time the owner of the house behind us was a pilot. He was into cars and built the barn to house them. It wasn't until the late '70s early '80s it was actually converted into a house. It's gone from car barn to bike barn!

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