Friday, March 26, 2010

Taking a little extra off the top...actually the middle

the sides and the bottom hehe. I'm taking my stock sportster fender and triming it a bit. I'm not just chopping it or cutting it. I'm adjusting it to comform to the bike better. As is the whole drive behind my sportster. Just adjusting or tweaking or shifting things to make mild chop but to keep the bike loooking stock.

I dont always run a front fender, but I plan on some big road trips this year and its just nice to have for a long haul.
So this is the fender with the 21" wheel. The radius is fine.

But the 5" wide fender and the 3" wide tire just doesnt look slick.

So time to get to work...

Mounting bracket removed and the sandblasted the fender.

Cut 1" out of the center. It still leaves me 1/2" on either side of the tire. However I know have to cut out the dimples for the forks. I'll just graft in a new piece. Ill then take 2" off the front and 3" off the back. Tomorrow I plan on sewing it back together.

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