Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Found on the LOSERRULES blog

(translated by google translate)

"Sunday Morning" - 1972 Photograph by Jack Minteer

if you find the time machine in operation and points from parts of San Diego in the early 70's ....
this is the place where absolutely not to miss for some 'action.

Maynard was unmistakable, Hawaiian shirt, Panama hat and cigar.
The riots were the setting for this cradle of counterculture driven by Hells, cowboys, noodles, Ironhorsemen, surfers, breakfasts with Spanish Omelets and fixed choppers parked outside.
It is said that "More Jack Daniels WAS Consumed in one day at Maynard's Than the rest of California did in one month."

Then one day the cops came looking for Maynard, the usual spoilers.
He escaped from the back on the Crystal Pier, dived into the ocean, hit his head and died.
So fin 'for the legend of Pacific Beach.

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