Monday, December 13, 2010

A Rad Photo and Some Venting

I don't normally write posts this long, but I just gotta clear some things up for my own head's sake. Yeah I'm gonna be a whiny little bitch with my panties in wad because I'm seeing this photo all over the internet. Unfortunately its my own dumb fault for not water marking it when it was posted years ago somewhere. (that wasnt the cool thing to do then, and chopper blogs weren't in full swing) I regret letting it loose out onto the world wide web mostly because I don't know where ol' George is today and whether or not he'd like this photo loose.

That cant be helped now because its out there. But what bugs me more is people don't give credit where credit is due anymore. (I greatly appreciate those who do, you know who you are) And its even harder to control over the internet. Everything is just right click> save, and a few days later, we forget where we got it from. This is why I watermark my photos. Some guys bitch and moan and think it's self-righteous, but from an artist's mindset, you naturally want your name on your shit. The world wide web is no holds barred so you gotta protect whats yours. You wouldn't want someone else's name on a painting you made right?

Yeah okay, so these photos aren't paintings and I didn't take them, but they were handed down to me personally. To me these old photos are like a form of art. I grew up flipping the pages of the albums with these photos in them. They mean a lot to me. I have a lot of respect for these photos, and where they came from. If you read an earlier post below you'd understand what I'm saying.

I can understand why I keep finding it in random corners of the internet. Its a pretty extreme photo. It's raw, it's outlaw, it's 1960's, it's like a Hal Robinson drawing come to life. To me it speaks everything that ever was about the chopper scene back then. This photo has attitude you don't find today. Sure you can replicate it, but this is as original as it gets.

For a long time I kept from posting this photo on here just because I didn't want it to get out there anymore than it has. This vintage shit is all the hype and I didn't want this photo to get sucked down and worn out because of that hype. By keeping it hidden it stays fresh, it stays unique. However, that's just not gonna stop it from resurfacing now and again. This image is like my diamond in the rough, my original bates solo seat, my NOS war bird taillight etc etc. But here it is.

So if you can't beat em, join em, and it's joining them with a damn watermark. So there. It's my photo, it's one of my most prized photos, do what the hell you want with it now. So if you see this image any place else send them this link. Rant over, I feel better...

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  1. Have to agree with the rant. Found some of my pics on some blogs with no credit and the person in the pic had a new name. Damn thieving bastards.