Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Foto Friday

Seeing ZZChop's latest picture helped me decide what to post this week. I instantly recognized the photo and the man sitting on that sweet pan. The photo is from I believe the June 1979 issue of Easyriders. The man is Casey Mass. He was good riding buddy of my ol'man's back in the day. Casey rode the snot out of a chopped slabside he bought from George. The pan pictured here was a bike he started building in his living room. In the late 70s he sold the shovel and put the pan in the trunk of his car and moved to Florida and started C&L hogshop with Lou Falcigno.

Another photo I found randomly on the web of Casey's bike and Lou's.

And heres some of my own photos of Casey. I've got a lot more but these are some of the good ones.

An awesome shot of the pan pre-springer. This photo was enclosed with a letter to my ol'man after Casey moved to Florida.

And a few shots of his shovel.


  1. hey capt - great post. nice to get the history on this

  2. I love the Pan! The way the motor sits in it and the opening between it and the frame is one of my ideas for a dream bike! The history is priceless-the icing on the cake if you will!