Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sidecar Sunday

This 1920 JD Harley was owned by my father's cousin, Chris Kusto, who use to run Antique Cycle Supply in Cedar Springs, MI. These photos were actually taken right in Chris' driveway.
Chris and Bruce Lindsay seen here in a news clipping from a small town they stopped in when they were on a 4 state road trip including a stop at the Harley factory. (More on that story at another time).
Here is Chris in a 2 page spread about their trip in an issue of American Motorcyclist, August, 1984. That Harley racing shirt use to be my father's. He wore it when he was a kid and hes the one who cut the sleeves off. He later sent it to Chris and it was used in some of the photos in the Antique Cycle Supply Catalog.

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