Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Foto Friday: Burnouts and German Helmets

1967, my dad's first street bike, the '46 knuck in it's first version. He was about 18yrs old in this photo -note little bit of smoke coming off the rear tire!

2nd note, I was just about to just click post and then came across this photo... This was taken on real black and white film by my friend Tim. I was also 18 because this was taken for my graduating yearbook photo. This was my first street bike, a 125 Honda I got from Elmer Ottens. My dad also got his knuck from Elmer. And to top it all off, that's the exact same helmet... Que the twilight zone music?
3rd note, this photo was not staged to match the top photo, it just happened that way!


  1. That pic of your dad is awesome!! You can see the black mark on the pavement! Rear wheel is a blur, and you can count the spokes in the front!! Perfect!! The similar photo with the same helmet, icing on the cake.

  2. Fuckin cool man, like father like son