Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Been Way Too Hot!

There has been a real lack of posting around here. Things have been really busy and it's been tough to sit down at the computer. Strange days is right around the corner!!! Things are moving right along with the give away chopper. Check it out below!!!

Other news it looks like I screwed the panhead!!! Too hot of a ride last weekend in the city and looks like I destroyed the rings on the rear cylinder. Won't fully know until we tear it down. Unfortunately it looks like Mary Jane will have to sit out Strange Days this year.

The Slum Goddess needs the carb taken apart and cleaned again. Apparently I didn't get all of the sand removed from the tank like I thought I did. (Im also looking for a Superglide tank for it. Anyone?)

The Yamahopper is doin great as always. Had a hiccup a few weeks ago with a broken ground cable but its all good now.

And lastly the Suzuki has just been sitting. The tanks need their fittings installed and some other odds and ends done and I can fire it up again.

Check out the Cocaine Bandit running down the road! Come win it!!! The video was shot just before the tare-down for paint and chrome. She is gonna be so sweet when it's done.


  1. Capt Cal: Glad to see your post! Poor Panhead!It seems like there is always 'something' waiting to 'mess' with us! LOL Always enjoy your posts!

  2. Yeah man! There always seems to be something!