Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Invitational Photos

I didnt take as many photos as I did in previous years. I was more focused on talkin with people and just enjoying the stop light to stop light drag race type ride that is NYC. Friday evening, Ben and I met up with Ken, Willis, and Nick. We had a pretty smooth ride from NJ, across the GWB into NYC and down the west side highway and back up the FDR across the Williamsburg Bridge and into Brooklyn. For riding my ol ironhead into the city for the first time it did great. (And I realize I still have to post photos of its big change yet! Thats next!)

 Made a wrong turn after the GWB and we ended up riding back under it.

 It was an awesome surprise to have the photo of me and my ol'man on the walls of the Invitational this year!

 Even in this crowd the Bandit still sticks out!

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