Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Harrisburg Swap

Thankfully, the RetroFit headquarters was spared from Sandy's wrath a few weeks ago. This past weekend Ben, Ken, Chris and myself piled into the cop car and headed out late Saturday night for Bath PA to meet up with Nick, Brady and Jack. We had a good time Saturday night and thanks again to Jack for letting all of us crash in his living room. Early Sunday morning we headed off to Harrisburg to find some parts for next years Strange Days give away bike. (More on that soon!) The $8 parking and $15 entry was a bit of a rip off. There were more late model parts than anything else but we managed to find some good deals on some vintage goods. On the way home we stopped at Mike and Nick's shop and continued to find more good deals. Thanks again guys! (Btw Mike has a neat '51 Desoto forsale. Check it out!)

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