Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eight Years Stuck In My Mind

This started off as a pet project my junior year high school while first learning 3D modeling and animating. I got as far as about 20 seconds into the whole animation but didn't really know where else to take it. When I went off to college I began to learn bigger and better programs and I thought about starting again with this project. Still, I only chipped away at it here and there and eventually it was sort of forgotten about. That was until my last 2 years of my third college I really had the opportunity to flesh out the story and start fresh. I had some other easier ideas for an animation; like a single character with three different scenes at the most. However, The Requiem Ride kept coming back to my mind and I had to make it, no matter what.
The Requiem Ride from Capt. Cal Studios on Vimeo.