Friday, March 29, 2013

Old Foto Friday: Chris Kusto's Kustom Triumph

The last Old Foto Friday had a few snaps of Chris' triumph. I've decided to make a mega post about this cool British scoot. Chris did such an awesome job with this bike. To start where I left off here is another shot of the bike before it went through a major change.
The frame received a huge gooseneck and a longer front end. Check out the parts leaning against the wall and hanging from the ceiling. You can just see the old stock tank hanging in the upper right corner.
 Such a great stance!!
As said before Chris must have had a thing for acetylene/marbleized paint jobs. It looks killer.
The bike also went through a green phase and was put in numerous shows. I believe after this it was later sold.

All packed up! Chris took a road trip from Michigan out to NJ to visit my dad. From NJ he headed to south Florida and then back home to Michigan. There's something to be said for taking a 3,000 mile road trip on a bike like that plus riding two up!
 Chris seen here in a photo when he made it to Florida.
Show circuit.
 Its a shame he left this world too soon. The man did some really cool stuff.

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