Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rhinebeck 2013

Great time, and perfect weather on Saturday! The shovel didn't skip a beat! Friday immediately after work I got hosed riding over High Point. Fortunately I was only heading to Ben's, got cleaned up, a bite to eat and we headed north. Not even 5 miles outside of Port Jervis and the skies opened up again. It wasnt until the last 10 miles or so crossing the Rhinecliff Bridge the sun came out and it was a perfect evening. I was so distracted with looking for parts for the shovel I forgot to take pictures. If you want to see a good selection of pics check out Jeff's site.

 Ken's new sporty he just finished up the night before! 
I heard some dude on a bicycle crashed into this Merkel and knocked it over... How is that possible!?
I picked up a round air cleaner and a chain guard for the shovel. Little mods to both and they'll fit just fine.

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