Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chrome & Paint Has Arrived!

The chrome and paint arrived just a day apart from each other and we are ready to rock and roll to get the Voodoo Child back on the road. 
Atlantic Coast Plating did a phenomenal job re-plating the old parts and the new!
 Polish work is done too!

Bob at Toon Town went above and beyond with the paint. Our minds are just blown and we hope yours are too. This is the result when you let a true artist off the leash. All we asked for was the gold and candy red like the original paint and the rest was up to Bob. Pictures seriously do not do justice for the paint. A camera just cannot pick up all the details the human eye can catch walking around it. Seriously Bob, I can't thank you enough!!! Someone in 2 weeks is going to be very lucky....

I'm seriously going to have a hard time giving up this bike...

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