Monday, October 19, 2009

Boardtrack work

Time to get this frame buttoned up! Made some miter cuts, cleaned up the neck and set this thing up the best kind of jig I could make.

I noticed the neck had a sleeve inside the downtube. I decided it would be great to use to tie into my new downtube.

So with some careful cuts by hand with the hack saw, I was about to cut a portion of the old downtube away revealing the factory inner sleeve.

I used some 1x3 square tube that was laying around to set my frame up on. I forgot to take pictures of when I tacked the neck to the backbone. That was laid out flat on the table with clamps and angle iron.
To basically make sure this thing was straight I checked the level of the neck compared to the seat post. My biggest concern was keeping the forks straight to the rest of the frame. Everything checked in.

You can see what I mean with keeping the neck level with the seat post.

Thar she be! It's just tacked together for now, Ill finish welding it another day.
Also finished the center frame rail. I kept that parallel to the top rail by fitting a 4inch piece of square tube against the top rail and butted the center rail up tight against it.

With the forks on

Hard to tell from the picture but by standing behind it, its pretty darn straight. Not bad for eyeball engineering.

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