Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Bagger Is On The Road!

Back in March the bike shorted out on me and died and sat since. I tore the bike down to rewire what shorted out. However, there wasn't "one" wire that shorted out. The whole harness was screwed. It had a melt down years ago and I don't even know how it was still running. So it took about 4 days to rewired everything. I followed the stock factory wiring, colors, and used the original terminal blocks. Everything works! All the idiot lights and even the turn signals in the dash work. It was a lot of work and confusion but in the end it was worth it. All the wiring I've ever done was simplified so it was a change of pace doing something complicated.

Heres what the bike looked like the day it was brought it home. Not bad, but my ol'man had his plans.

He still had some stuff left over from his black bagger he had back in the late '80s that he wanted to put on this bike. Like the chome windshield lowers and the long fishtail pipes. We also took the big shroud off and put on the old chrome tins we got from Ken. Thanks again! We swapped out the big turn signals for bullet lights. The front bumper was changed for an older style. And of course its not a bagger unless you load up the back with lights!

Caution low fishtails! I've already caught both of my shins in these things walking around in the garage...

Overall it runs good. Few more adjustments to dial it in. The trans is noisey, but thats expected for a 37 year old motorcycle that was used a lot. Now that its off the jack I can start putting my Sportster back together because I got my frame back from paint. Thanks Billy!

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