Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Awesome Weekend and Summer Is Finally Here!

Here at the RetroFit headquarters we had an awesome weekend of selling stuff and good people stopping by.

Later in the afternoon Ken stopped by.

I'm liking the vw switch!

The ol'man let Ken take Mary out for a spin too!

Day 2! The Allentown brothers Mike and Nick took a ride up.

Mike found 2 cracks starting in his rear fender. So we ran over to my neighbor Greg who has a small mig welder and Ben fixed up Mike's fender real quick.

Gregs barn find slabside.

Later in the afternoon Ken came back with his crew.

Chris' Crazy Frank!

The backyard turned into a chopper pow wow.

Afterwards everyone took a ride up to the grounds where Strange Days is going down. I had to stay behind and mind the store but Ben sent me this photo. WOW! Can't wait for July!

Day 3: I finally broke free for a while and took the sidecar up to Port Jervis, dodging the memorial weekenders. Had good food at the girl's apartment. Ben's niece got her first ride ever in a side car and she was smiling ear to ear the whole time! (I think Ben needs to find a hack for his panhead now!)

Good weekend for sure! Now its time to get back to work. Rhinebeck is around the corner and I still have a mess of wiring on the bagger to finish yet.

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