Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Thrashin!

I spent the whole day yesterday tearing down the wiring on the bagger and what a mess! This has to be one of the worst wiring jobs I have ever scene. (And I thought when I got the Voodoo Child with bandaids holding connections together was funny) Simply put, it was senseless for half of what was done to it. No reason for it.

On top of that almost half of the wiring was melted! And it wasnt from when it shorted out and stranded me when I took it for test ride back in March. This wiring was bubbled, melted, corroded, and stuck together from a long time ago! I honestly don't know how this thing even ran. This bike was one spark away from a total melt down.

Benny stopped by to lend a hand. We're tossing the aluminum shroud aside and putting a set of panhead tins up front. A little modification on the shovelhead trees were needed.

I've got two weeks till Rhinebeck so I need to hustle on this wiring. I'm hooking EVERYTHING back up. All the idiot lights and signals. And not to mention the Christmas tree hanging off the back!

(See wasnt kidding about the bandaids on the Voodoo Child!)

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