Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early Old Foto Friday

I have stuff to deal with the garage sale tomorrow or rather a barn sale. So here's an early one for you guys this week.

So heres the deal with this photo. That's Billy standing next to a sportster he owned. But what this photo is really about is the trike sitting in the background.

A little closer...

There we go. I tried to do a little color correction. If you remember a while back on the post I made: Strange Connections I was told the Yamahopper use to be a trike. Well I now have the proof!
If you notice the front wheel has subtle red stripe along the edge of the rim.

This photo is from the day I brought the bike home. And theres the front wheel with the red stripe!

I always heard about this bike being a trike but I never saw an actual photo of it.

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