Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey, when did our yard have a lake?

Just up the road from the house.

With the power being out for four days we resulted to toasting bagels and reheating coffee on the grill.

When everything finally calmed down I when out for a ride.

This is the same area as the picture above with the water finally receding. Thats a small one lane bridge in the background.

Chasing the setting sun.

Last ride home before heading back to the big city.

Next up is the Brooklyn Invitational. Don't miss it!


  1. Wow! THat is K-razy! We were in Milford, CT this weekend...stopped in Paramus, NJ Friday-Ka-razy...left CT Sunday A.M. thankfully our family vehicle has power in Danbury, Matamoras, Milford, home just leaves on the road!

  2. Yeah it was pretty nuts. My parents are still without power in NJ. Those sunset shots were taken Monday night on Clove Road in Montague, just across the river from Matamoras.