Monday, August 1, 2011

Strange Days: Part 2

From the greasy work bench of my ol'man:

"Chris and Ken came over to my place on a cold November night to discuss the initial idea of Strange Days. I was impressed. These guys are some riding motherfuckers. I brought out some stacks of old photo albums from back in the day for a little inspiration. Over some cold beers and some faded photos, the Strange Days wheels started rolling. Those boys saw the light and rode away late that November night with a whole new attitude.

The day of Strange Days a couple of the younger guys asked me if this is what it was really like. You guys nailed it. Throw down your bag in a field with like minded people. Ive been doin this since 1966 and I've slept in train yards, garbage dumps, and burned out garages but Rickey's Farm was truly a unique and special place.

The photos above are from Easyriders coverage of Indio 1972. The scenes of Strange Days weren't all that different. Just the bikes are old now and photos are in color!

Thanks to everyone who came out." -Joe

Hang in there for Part 3!


  1. WOW!!
    It appears as though I missed a RIGHTEOUS shin dig! I'm thinking that I may have to make it a point to roll up next year! Are 'newer' bikes allowed? LOL
    Great post!

  2. Yeah it was a good time! Your bike all packed up would be an awesome sight there! We're definitely going to do it again next year.