Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coil Brackets

I had a hard time figuring out where to mount my coils. The wires were too short to hide them anywhere far from the motor. At the same time I didn't want them draping over the motor like spaghetti coming from the battery box. With the coils mounted in almost their stock position, the wires will just drop down from under neath the tank. Clean and hidden. Sometimes keeping things stock isn't a bad thing!

Quick template and some 1/2 cold finished steel.
I first used a 1" hole saw to essentially fish-mouth the brackets for the frame. Yes, I thought of drilling once and making the 2nd piece on the opposite side. However I wanted to use the finished factory edge on top of each piece. I didnt have time to set up the mill to do this. All cuts were made on the band saw and filed quick.
I then drilled my holes for the coils to mount to.
 Should sit like so.... Yes the frame is getting badly rusty...
 I just mig welded it quick because I'm so short on time.
 All cleaned up and they do the job. Now I can make the back of the tanks. I'm going to have to dish the wall in slightly to clear the coils but everything will work out fine. Nice and clean.

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