Thursday, February 16, 2012

Early Old Foto Friday

Early as in 1969 and early as in its Thursday. I'm doing some traveling tomorrow and wont be able to post.

This is Elmer Ottens, the man who sold my dad his first Harley. The bike was stock when my dad bought it from Elmer and in a short time turned it into the bike pictured below. (Thanks to my Uncle Neil for the photo)
Elmer's son Neil.
And heres my dad, Joe.

And check out this pan in the same driveway. Mostly stock except for the apehangers and the bobbed rear fender.


  1. I knew the Ottens clan way back when. I like the way the car in the garage changes from 64 to 69. Hey what did Joe do with all those useless stock parts he pulled off the Knuckle?

  2. Yeah man! I figured you'd like these photos. Look at Neil! Just a kid! Haha those useless parts are loooong gone. I dont think he even remembers what he did with them. Interestingly, Elmer also gave me my first motorcycle too. '75 125 Honda, but at the age of 13 I cherished it just the same.