Monday, March 26, 2012

Gas Tanks and Foot Controls: GS550 Update!

Ok! So these pictures really suck. I forgot my camera going to the shop today so my phone was all I had. But heres some recent and major updates on the bike. I finally got the sheet metal bent on a press brake for the inside of my tanks. I'm still going with the split tanks and needed the inside plates bent for my "tunnel" over the back bone.
 The main mounts will be on the back bone so they will be hidden. No mounting hardware on the outside of the frame. Should be a super clean look.
 Adam helped me out making a few bungs for the frame.
Super tight, super clean.
 I now have a great silhouette of the tanks. And oh yeah, my seat is getting upholstered. I hope to have that in another 2 weeks. 

The foot controls!! I made this quick sketch in class. I decided to skip on the brass bushings. Really no need. Everything will be greased before assembly and will work just fine. I tried to keep this set up as simple as possible. Take a piece of cold rolled steel, turn one side down to the size of some DOM pipe, drill and tap the end to mount the pegs. I had to eliminate the bolt from the plate because there was simply no room because of the frame. Welding is a better, stronger, option anyway. I just had to be careful where I mocked up the pegs so when I bolt them down that they're in the right position. 
I have two sets of original shifters and brake pedals that I'll use to make my controls. No sense in buying new when you have used already in the box!
 On the lathe. Its really been over a year since I used one and it was great to be using it again. 
A few hours later and the finished product! Peg, washer, DOM pipe, threaded rod, and the turned down cold rolled. 
 Tig welded the turned down cold finish to the brackets. Before welding, I drilled a hole in the back of the plates so I can weld these pieces from the back. They're super strong and won't break off. EVER. Top it off, all this will be sent out to be chromed.
 Everything is mounted and is looking great and most importantly working great. And yes, thats the another shifter hanging off the side of the frame. More on that later...
  These pegs and controls  have turned out so incredibly strong. It may seem extreme to use solid stock but since these mounts are so heavy, it should eliminate any vibrations. I should seriously patent this set up.
 Not too much is left! Next, I need to make a few more tabs and cut the rods for the rest of the controls and finish the gas tanks. Also, build a new battery box. Then just a few odds and ends. For instance, that side cover with the red tape on it. I peeled off the thin Suzuki emblem to discover a huge hole behind it. It will have to be tig welded closed and smoothed out. It was nice to spend a solid day away from the computer but it's time to get back to working on my animation. Check more of that out here:

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