Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Foot Control Stuff

To keep moving forward with my forward controls I had to make a rocker arm to transfer the motion from the forward controls to the rear wheel. I had two brake levers and chose to cut up the bottom one. Sorry for the bad cell phone pics, its all I had at the time.

 I could see that by shaving down the material where it curves, there was a tab hidden inside.
I just used a cut off wheel and then mostly the die grinder to get the shape I wanted. No mill work here!

This setup will look snazzy once its all re-chromed.
For me personally when building bikes, I find it more rewarding finding creative ways to use the stock parts you have. Anyone with the proper skills can chuck something up on the lathe or the mill and make the part above, but it takes a creative eye to use what you have and still make it look cool.

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