Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Foto Friday

Hey fellas, it's been insanely busy the past couple of weeks between my senior project, work, trips in and out of NYC, and a weekend where we moved some new additions to the RetroFit headquarters. (more on that later)

So heres an Old Foto Friday post with something a little different. Heres my ol'man in a 1 page full color spread in the 1981 issue of SuperCycle.

He had a bunch of photos taken by George Hanstein. He submitted one photo to SuperCycle on a whim and forgot about it. Later his cousin Chris Kusto (owner of Antique Cycle Supply) would get the magazines months before they came out. He called my dad and told him he was in the magazine and my ol'man didn't even know it.

The bike is long gone but I have that Polish Harley Davidson t-shirt now.

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  1. awesome-that is such a great shot. glad you held on to that shirt too.