Thursday, April 28, 2011

Indian Survey

As many of you may know, Polaris has recently bought the Indian name. Many of us have also rolled our eyes. Frankly I feel they're beating a dead horse. The real Indian has not been manufactured since 1953.... However I found this...

It's a survey made by Polaris to get input from the Indian Enthusiasts. I was about to pass over it as I really don't like the look of the Indians today. They're just Harleys in costume. But my curiosity led me to opening the survey to see what they are looking for. I was actually surprised. They were asking questions about "girder front ends" "right side final drive" "push rod engines". One thing they didn't bring up was kick starters and carburetors. But I added that in the comments section. Hey one can dream....

No matter what Polaris makes it wont be a real Indian, but maybe they can make a sharp bike. Not holding my breath but it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Hell yeah


Gotta say the number 1 thing that throws off the look is the stupid bottle cap engine. Its so tall it looks like a toy and makes the lines and proportions way off. Indian is known for that long low boat like look. That bike right there doesn't have it!

Maybe I should make a 3d model of what the new Indian should look like...


  1. if these things are actually going to be made here in the states then im all for it.

  2. Absolutely! that would be my next requirement. I did mention in the comments section that they should really make their own parts here in the USA. No cobbled together aftermarket Harley parts with the Indian name slapped on.