Monday, April 25, 2011

Suzuki Update. It looks like a choppa!

I got a lot done last night. I finished my seat mounts upper and lower. I welded on small stainless tabs to the seat pan to hold the seat, sissybar and fender all in place. It took two tries but I also got my tailight mount welded on as well. (hey no bodys perfect.) and made my license plate bracket.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to weld the headlight mount on the bottom tree. When I was done I buried it in the sand for a few hours to cool slowly. Why is the bearing still on? because I couldn't get it off... The beauty of a tig welder. You can get in small places and direct the heat right where you want it. And no splatter! So the bearing was fine during this process.

I am in love with the stance of this bike.

Im close! There are only a few things left to do. Cut my notch in the fender for the chain, finish the battery box, I need to make a new brake stop on the frame, clean up the neck area and the fab work is more or less finished! Throw the motor in, do a test ride, and then break it down for paint!

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  1. Great stance on it for sure. Happy Easter!