Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Winter In NJ So Far

Just a few more days and I head back to NYC for my last and final semester. In the meantime I'm enjoying as much riding as possible.

Sunday I hung out with Ben working on his pan. He's been in the process of putting it back to looking stock.
He's installed floorboards, tin primary, mousetrap. The stock style fender is out for paint. New chain, sprockets and tires are also on their way. The engine is also getting new head gaskets.
New tabs for the inner primary to mount to.
Ben also had to turn his own spacer for the inner primary.
 End of the day Sunday things were starting to shape up nice.

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  1. Yeah, kinda waiting to see if we'll get the 'winter whammy'...certainly enjoying the mild weather! The Pan looks sweet!